The laboratory of physical biochemistry of blood was created in the National Hematology Research Center, Moscow, Russia, in 1989.

Our experimental and theoretical research activities cover a wide range of fields in biochemistry, biophysics, biomedicine and related areas. In particular, we specialize in the research of complex biochemical networks (blood coagulation, methionine and pholates metabolism, glycolysis), microtubules, erythrocyte rheology, pharmacokinetics (use of erythrocytes as drug carriers), protein microarrays development. In our work, we most widely use mathematical modeling and computer simulation methods; another actively used approach is development of unique experimental setups and methods for specific biochemical and biophysical applications. Our results are published in the leading international and national journals.

The laboratory is directed by Prof. Fazly I. Ataullakhanov. At the present moment, research in our lab is carried out by more than 40 scientists, graduate and undergraduate students. Since 1995, 21 Ph.D. and 2 Dr.Sc. thesises have been successfully defended in our lab. Our graduates work in biochemical and biophysical laboratories all over the world.

We work in active and long-term collaboration with groups from:

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